Moving to a new city is always expensive, but as outlined in this infographic from Hansen & Company, some are more expensive than others. An interesting entry on the list is N’Djamena in Chad. It is Chad’s capital city and is seen as a major food hub and marketplace in the region.

As we climb up the list, we see a few Asian cities making themselves known, including Beijing and Shanghai. The Shanghai economy has improved dramatically in recent years and it has transformed the city’s fortunes.

Two cities from Switzerland feature with both Geneva and Zurich making the list. Zurich is of course the global centre for banking so it is hardly surprising that it is one of the most expensive cities to live in the world. Find out more about the most expensive cities to live in the infographic below.

2017 World's Most Expensive Cities


Does any of the city listed here fall under your dream immigration destination?



This infographic is published upon the permission of Omar Khan, a legal assistant at Hansen & Company to serve as a guide on the latest immigration trends.

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