A taste of Korean Samgyeopsal at Min Sok!

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YellowTravelingBoots once again stays true to its name searching for another gastronomic place to eat. YTB couple stumbled upon a hole-in-the-wall place in the heart of Makati that offers a delicious yet affordable Korean dining experience.

As a starter, “banchan” or appetizer will be served. Banchan is equivalent to what Filipinos like the most – “sawsawan” or the sauce that goes along with any meat! The appetizers will tickle your taste buds as flavors vary from spicy to bland.

imageBanchan + lettuce wrap

I would describe samgyeopsal as similar to bacon: thinly sliced and only made from high quality meat. However, it is neither marinated nor cured so it does not taste like barbeque nor bacon.

imageSamgyeopsal on the tilted pan

Place all your beautifully cut meat on the the flat pan over coal then start getting involved in the process by cooking and flipping your meat so that it will not burn. You can also cook your onions, garlic, and even kimchi along with it!

They key to cooking samgyeopsal is to only flip it once so that it won’t get dry.

imageCooked and ready to eat samgyeopsal cuts

Now, look at these amazingly done meat: time to wrap! Dip the cooked samgyeopsal on the salty sesame oil first and place it on top of the lettuce. Add some kimchi or other side dish, put the onion and garlic then wrap the lettuce around and dip it in the bean paste before you eat.

Oh gosh, how we love the crunch of the lettuce and the exploding tastes of heavenly flavors in our mouth! Cooking, wrapping, dipping, and eating one samgyeopsal wrap after another is definitely a fun and awesome experience you should try!

CAUTION: Min Sok has the best bean paste you can never resist!

We have tried several Korean restaurants around this area but nothing beats that taste of their food especially the soup!

Direction: 5655 Don Pedro Street, Poblacion, Makati City

Price range of meat: 300 PHP (Samgyeopsal) – 700 PHP (short ribs)

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