Born to Eat: Try the unlimited meat at Samgyupsalamat and cap your day with a bountiful feast

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YTB found a very interesting way to cap off your day or celebrate milestone and occasion. Put a twist to your celebration and head to a Korean barbecue place. Experience the barbecue pit with a grill over a charcoal on your table and let the grilling and the chatting begin!

As you hear the sizzling sound of these thin pork belly strips, you can only bask in the crispy and honey colored charred that are just inches away from you. To amplify your cravings, be prepared for the unlimited meat, banchan, and rice that will keep coming your way.



The Place

Tucked in the third floor of the former Topgrill KTV at the Eurocast Building in Jupiter Makati is a hole in the wall called Samgyupsalamat. They specialize in various Korean dishes but is widely known for their unlimited pork and beef barbecue.

A good conversation between peers or friends over a hefty serving of meat and side dish will surely be worth every penny you’ll pay.


If you are someone who is seeking some fun and a fleck of adventure in your cooking, you are definitely up for one. Put your “chef” mode on and do the grilling. Toss some of your favourite banchan on the grill like kimchi, onions and garlic along with your meat of choice. Enjoy the sizzling sound of the oil, savor the amazing smell of spices and meat, and bring out your child-like enthusiasm in cutting the grilled meat into bite portion using a scissors.






On your table is this grill pit with a special charcoal and an exhaust.


The Food

What more do you look forward to in this place than their food. Look at these wonderful medley of meat and banchan – isn’t it appetizing? And oh, they are UNLIMITED, so your tummy is the only limit! They also serve the tastiest soup that will calm your growling tummy while waiting for your food on the grill.


They have several meat options from pork to beef that you can choose from. They also have a meal, noodle, and additional menu in case you are not into the “samgyupsal craze”.





And look at their cabbage – it is so fresh and a perfect pair for your meat and side dishes!



We are not also kidding when we say that their banchan are well seasoned. You can eat them even without the meat. And believe us when we say that you must try their sweet potato side dish – it is the best!

Finally, we also appreciate the very polite and accommodating staff here. Overall, this place is highly recommended.



Operating hours: 11 AM to 5 AM | Mon-Sun

Address: Third Floor, Eurocast Building, Jupiter Street, Bel-Air, Makati City

Mode Payment: Cash only

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