Ms. Travelingboots Corner: Trading Coffee for Wealth

One brief trivia about Ms. Travelingboots before we proceed:

She used to drink 8 cups of black coffee in a day with 1 teaspoon of sugar. She loves coffee as much as she loves yellow and her family. 

Now, fast forward to today…

She is definitely trading coffee for WEALTH! Like, real wealth!

What is the story behind this?

Being a mom, a wife, and a career woman, Ms. Travelingboots has to sustain her energy throughout the day to accomplish everything that is expected of her. And for this, she depended heavily on her beloved COFFEE to give her that much needed boost. Everyone that is close to her knows this.

One day, while painting in her mind the picture of her family camping and backpacking around the world, castles and city adventures, ice skating, snowman making, beach; a life lived to its highest potential, she knew that she had to make an immediate trade-off.

She has to break herself free from the habit of depending on COFFEE for energy! But, WHY?

Coffee as a drink has its own scientifically proven benefits. But imagine the 8 teaspoons of sugar everyday consumed for 7 days multiplied by 4 weeks then multiplied by 12 months – no way Ms. Travelingboots’ body can tolerate that much sugar for long! On top of that, she’s starting to feel pain on her joints due to acidity.

Now, the question persists: how does giving up coffee can be exchanged for wealth? Well, the equation is simple: our body is our greatest asset. There are no limits to what we can achieve in this lifetime, but only if we are healthy. No amount of money can ever replace a healthy body. When wealth is lost, then money is lost, but when health is lost, ALL is lost. Hence the formula is easy: healthy body + dream + action = wealth. 

The visualization did not only give Ms. Travelingboots a wake-up call but a guiding principle on why she has to immediately start nurturing the health of her family and her own body.

Flat Lay

This is a lifestyle change but not a complete withdrawal from coffee. The change begins from knowing that too much of anything is not really good.


Occasionally, Ms. Travelingboots will still have a cup of her favorite coffee but it would stop there. No more habitual 8 coffee a day for sure.

Instead, coffee will now be replaced with healthier options. These will be the key in achieving that big investment on Ms. Travelingboots’ health.


Ms. Travelingboots is now starting to consume at least four liters of water everyday. This keeps her hydrated and at the same time, helps in eliminating toxins in the body.

Tea and Shake

Protein shake and green tea are also great replacements for coffee. The protein shake helps in suppressing appetite while the green tea boosts metabolism for faster resting metabolic rate (or the capability of the body to burn even if at rest).


Do not delay making the decision to start a healthy lifestyle too. Make the commitment to do it fast, and when you do, DO it RIGHT.


Do you also have healthy tips that you want to share with us? We’ll be happy to hear it from you.



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