Taiwan Itinerary Day 2 (Part 2): Modern Toilet & Shilin Night Market

From Gancheng Station, we headed straight to Taipei and dropped our stuff in the B&B.

Our B&B is just a 5-10 minutes walk to the Zhongshan Station and the later is just one station away from Taipei Main. The place where we stayed was equipped with auto-lock system, the daily rate was very low, and the owner was extremely helpful and accommodating.


Transportation from B&B to Modern Toilet

It was already past eight in the evening when we decided to have our dinner. We took a cab going to Modern Toilet since we were already very hungry. We did not get a cab right away since drivers were not familiar with the direction we gave in English.

Key takeaway is: keep a screen shot or printed copy of the addresses in Taiwan since most of the drivers don’t use English that much.


Modern Toilet is between Jiantan and Shilin train station (right side of the road). Address is No 184 Wunlin Rd, Shilin District. Last order is at 9PM.

Tell me, who gets excited at the thought of eating poop – served in a toilet bowl?! I don’t think anyone does, but for me and my bestfriend, we were especially thrilled at the idea of trying something very different.

So when this iced tea with ice cream was served, it took us a lot of determination before we had our first sip.


This drink is not bad at all!


We devoured these food on the toilet bowls. Now we know: not all “poop” is disgusting!


Who says that eating in the toilet is  not glamorous? Definitely not my bestie!


Colorful bath tabs, toilet bowls, and poop stuff around.


We were the last customer since it was already past eight in the evening. But it worked for us since we had the place all for ourselves.


Shilin Night Market is just across the Modern Toilet Restaurant: it is a long stretch of stalls and stores selling RTW and food.

There are more than ten night markets that you can explore in Taiwan. However, specific to Taipei, Shilin is my most favorite. This is not as big as Ximending but trust me, food and stuff here are sold at a very low price!


I actually got four pairs of foot wear (one pair not in the picture), cream and toner from Etude, four scarves (two not in the picture), a girly sling bag, a minion bag, minion towel, chopsticks for my collection, socks, pouch bag, and food (not on the picture) – all for just 2,100 TWD!

You could just imagine the spark in my eyes having bought all these stuff at a very low price!

We pretty much enjoyed our first day in Taipei and second day in Taiwan. But of course, I will not end this post without sharing our itinerary and breakdown of expenses:



day 2 expenses


Detailed Itinerary Day 2



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