Todd English Food Hall in SM Aura: Upscale Comfort at a Reasonable Price

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We just had our team socials in the famous Todd English Food Hall in SM Aura and this place is definitely the best choice for big group dining. It is not only spacious inside but it has also good food and an upscale comfort at a reasonable price.

The place has a food hall concept where groups can have a shared eating experience but it is designed to serve their customers luxuriously through a sit-down set-up.

The Food

You can enjoy their wide food selections which include: cheese and charcuterie, sushi, grill, noodle and dumpling, flat bread and pizza, ocean grill, wine, and pasta from the multiple food stations inside. They also have Asian selection for those who want to stick to the traditional Asian flavors.

Main Course

Home made Cured Bacon_Todd English Food Hall

Home Made Cured Bacon (450 PHP). Bacon lovers, this is for you. The slab size and thickness are both just right for a meal. The meat is chewy and juicy, and the caramelized sugar is dripping perfectly from the bacon.

Seared Tuna Loin_Todd English Food Hall

Seared Tuna Loin_Todd English Food Hall 2

Seared Tuna Loin (480 PHP). I never regretted choosing this dish. The medium-well tuna was perfect for my salad with a salsa verde dressing. I also particularly loved the taste of herbs on my tuna.

US Hanger Steak_Todd English Food Hall 3

US Hanger Steak_Todd English Food Hall 2

US Hanger Steak (590 PHP). The steak was served with a roasted bone marrow. I realized that spreading the marrow on the meat will give balance to the tangy taste of the steak. I enjoyed this dish but for those who are not familiar with it, the taste and smell can be piquant.

Miso Glaze Salmon_Todd English Food Hall

Miso Glaze Salmon (510 PHP). Just like the seared tuna loin, this miso glazed salmon is also a wonderful pair for their salad.

T.E Porkchop_Todd English Food Hall

T.E. Pork Chop (430 PHP). This order is definitely huge and very safe. Have you ever recalled an instance where your pork chop failed? Nah, it is the safest dish to order since it can go well with any spices – even with salt alone.

T.E. Half Chicken_Todd English Food Hall

T.E. Half Chicken (320 PHP). This brined chicken is served with sauteed corn and vegies and a glaze of mango vinaigrette. For those that are not experimental with their food choices, this chicken will answer your woes.

Pastas and Flat Bread

Rigatonni Bolognese_Todd English Food Hall

Rigatoni Bolognese (275 PHP). Fulfill your pasta desire with this wonderful plate of delicious rigatoni.

Brooklyn Style Spaghetti Polpetini_Todd English Food Hall

Brooklyn Style Meatball spaghetti (330 PHP). The way to go for both pasta and meatballs lover.

Bronx Bomber_Todd English Food Hall

Bronx Bomber (490 PHP). This pizza was gone in a minute. The mozzarella and parmesan cheeses combined with parsley and pepperoni just made a one flavorful and aromatic output.

Garlic Mozarella Bread_Todd English Food Hall_1

Garlic Mozarella Bread (190 PHP). I really liked this bread: the mozarella cheese was generous on top and the buttery garlic taste was zingy.


Calamari_Todd English Food Hall

Calamari (250 PHP). Deep fried with chipotie chorizo dipping. A good starter where everyone can share while waiting for the main order.


OMG Chocolate Cake_Todd English Food Hall

OMG Chocolate Cake (420 PHP). This is a winner! An absolutely must try dessert here. It is made of silky pudding, milky cereal crumble, and chocolate gelato. The dark chocolate ganache when scooped with the gelato and pudding create an intoxicating burst of flavors that will leave you clinging to its taste.

The Bomb_Todd English Food Hall

The Bomb (420 PHP). This is a white dome made of red velvet ice cream cake with cookie crumble. I realized why this dessert is “the bomb”: you could just imagine the sugar rush in your body after eating this.

The Place

The place is very chic inside. It has different bar counters where you can opt to sit. It has shelves where you can find different collections like wines, candies, and spices. And the best thing is the very comfortable dining experience with a wide food options.

This place got me with its service. They serve your food pretty fast and they are always attentive to your needs. So for your next team or family dinner or socials, you can always put Todd English Food Hall on top of your list.

Todd English Food Hall Entrance

Todd English Food Hall 5

Wine Rack_Todd English Food Hall

Todd English Food Hall 4

Todd English Food Hall 3

Todd English Food Hall

Todd English Food Hall 2


Todd English Food Hall

5th Floor, SM Aura Premiere, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

Operating hours: 10 a.m. – 10 p.m., Monday to Sunday


Telephone: +632 621 4002






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