Lifestyle Monday: YTB’s 3 Basic Travel Essentials this Summer

Summer in the Philippines is unbelievably very hot. The temperature is one thing but the humidity is also another factor. Therefore, you should never fail to protect yourself from the burning heat of the sun.

We are highly recommending Belo SunExpert Transparent Mist with SPF50. 

Belo Sunscreen Mist

Forget about the sticky and greasy sunscreens that you know. Belo’s Transparent Mist is a one spray, quick absorbing, and non-sticky formula that you can always carry and apply whenever and wherever you are. Because it is a mist, applying is very easy and the coverage is even. This formula has become very convenient that even when you are on the move, applying sunscreen has now become very quick.

Etude House Facial Freshener

During an intense summer heat, the moisture in our body becomes depleted so our skin may appear very dry. Therefore, my formula is to apply this facial freshener from Etude House whenever I am outdoors. It never fails to give me that dewy and fresh look.

Ray Ban Aviator Shades_2

Bantay Bell Tower_2

Buying this classic aviator from Ray-Ban is the best decision I made. Trust me, you could never go wrong with classic stuff. This has become my travel fashion “must-have” since it is durable, fashionable, and an all purpose eye wear fit for all occasions. You could never go wrong with Ray-Ban aviator shades.


Planning for your next trip to the beach? Never forget to bring these handy and amazing essentials!

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