Travel Guide to Ilocos: Paoay Sand Dunes

We reached Paoay Sand Dunes around five in the afternoon. This is our recommended time since the place is already engulfed with the scenic view of the sunset. If you are not familiar of the place, Paoay Sand Dunes became famous after it was used as a filming location of the hit Philippine tv series: Panday.

To highlight, our best experience here was the mind blowing 4×4 ride and the daring sand boarding.

We definitely loved our sexy yet fierce pink 4×4!

Paoay Sand Dunes_Solo Pic 3

Paoay Sand Dunes_ Solo Pic 2

Every adventure is another opportunity to reflect on the abundance of the universe.

Paoay Sand Dunes_Group Picture


And our relationship with friends are nurtured through daring and amazing shared experiences

Sand Dunes

Paoay Sand Dunes_Solo Pic

But whether in the presence of friends or in your alone time in the vastness of a dessert, what matters most is that…

Paoay Sund Dunes_Sunset

Paoay Sand Dunes_Jump Shot 2

Paoay Sand Dunes_Jump Shot


At the sunset of your life, you can look back and embrace the memory of living life to the fullest.


Things you need to know about Paoay Sand Dunes

  • 4×4 rental is at 2500 PHP per hour for 4-5 pax
  • The 4×4 ride is intensely fun and amazing!
  • Let go of your fear and shout to your heart’s content but be sure to hold tightly on the rail
  • We do not advise this activity for kids below seven years old

For DIY travelers we highly recommend that you visit this blog

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    1. Yes, Adrenaline rush to the highest! At first we were really holding our breaths, but once we got the groove of it, we were like children shouting from the thrill and excitement of the ride!

  1. The photos are so awesome! Give me on that. Haha. Attractive, indeed. I dono if I will visit illocos but if I do I will come.back to this post

    1. Thank you! The scenery is just so nice in Ilocos, maybe the photo was just a bonus. I’m really looking forward to your other photography tips Chhavi. 🙂

    1. They have varied 4×4 colors, I would have preferred yellow but it was already taken. Hmm, I think, other colors are also sexy 🙂

  2. It’s been a while since I’ve been to Ilocos. Back then, we haven’t heard of the sand dunes but now, I’m dying to go there and try sand surfing. It looks like you had so much fun!

  3. ah this is one of my dream vacation… visiting Ilocos is one of my bucket list .. I really want to witness the Vigan, the Paoay Church and of course, I also want to experience riding this 4×4 and hit the sand dunes..
    love all your shots and thanks forsharing us your journey
    happy blogging to you

  4. One of the wonders in the Northern Philippines! Failed to try the sand dunes 4×4 ride when I visit Ilocos but will surely do it whenever I come back again.

  5. I had visited Ilocos when I was way younger and still remember every piece of it. I got sad when I see posts of the sand dunes because during our trip, we never got to experience it or maybe it did not exist yet. Looks like you had so much fun! Cheers!

    Mariaisquixotic ||

  6. Ilocos is one of the places in my top list! And I have heard so many things to do here and particularly this Sand Dunes you guys had visited. I really envy people who were able to visit here. thanks for including the details about the pricing and so as the kinds of activities you were able to try.

    1. Hi Zwitsy – yes, do visit Ilocos. You would really like the place, the people, and most especially – the FOOD! Please do let us know once you’ll cross this off your list. 🙂

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