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Little Owl is the neighborhood cafe in Broadway Avenue which is the newest concept from Lola Group of Restaurants. Just like an owl, the place will open from morning till late night which means that this is going to be an ideal hideout for night people and morning people alike. Of course, Little Owl is also a haven for your comfort food craving.

Little Owl is now on its soft opening which means that in the coming weeks, they will be adding more pasta and mains to their menu. In the meantime, join us as we take a glimpse of the Little Owl’s food concept. We will guarantee you a real treat – visually and gastronomically!

When it comes to their food, you can try a variety of options from their appetizers, drinks, mains, and desserts.

Start your day with a cup of coffee. Sipping this flat white simply gives you a boost that prepares you for the long day ahead.

You can then transition from your coffee to your choice of food: salad, waffle, or mains, whatever you pick first just go for it, no one will judge you anyway.

Chicken Burger.This is definitely a burger with a twist. Instead of your regular burger buns, they’re experimental in sandwiching the chicken on the waffles.

We especially recommend that you take everything first in one bite so that you’ll get to experience the burst of flavors in your mouth: from the fluffy and buttery taste of the waffle to the crispy and tender bite of the chicken with the amazing combination of the coleslaw in the middle. Yum!

Say cheese…

Grilled Cheese. For all cheese lovers out there, yes this is definitely for you. Do not ever skip dipping your bread in the strawberry jam, it surely is the perfect combination for your grilled cheese.

Salmon Benedict. This traditional American brunch will surely answer your hunger pangs

Thick Cut Bacon. Oh thy bacon slab, you are indeed thick!

For vegetarians, you have the option to get their Mushroom Tartine. A layer of fresh ingredients including shiitake mushroom seasoned with olive oil and herbs will surely give you an enjoyable hors d’ouevre.

Fish N’ Chips. A chit-chat with friends paired with these is absolutely twice more fun.

Bolognese. This pasta is definitely your safest and most comfortable way of satisfying your hunger.

Finally, saving the best for last – the dessert! As we all know, the holy grail of a good tart is in the crust. For some, a good one is distinguished at its flakiness. In Little Owl, we especially love all of their tarts.

Our first reaction when our forks dived into the crust was: “this is so right for dessert; the crust is light and not too sweet”.

The filling of this apple & pecan tart is warm and not too strong. Something that you would still love even if you are not into apple flavor.

Gooey and creamy cheesecake. This tastes like a New York Cheesecake for us.

This tart is not too sweet and made of real chocolate so the taste is rich.


Little Owl is a two floors and a very cozy place where you can both dine and have your coffee routine.

View from the second floor

What are you waiting for? Try out this newest & spacious place for your regular bonding with someone or your group event.


Little Owl

65 Broadway Avenue, New Manila, Quezon City

Operating Hours: 9 AM to 9 PM




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