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A lot of things are happening in a bowl of ramen – the broth, the meat, the noodles, the spices and the list goes on. Being a ramen fan myself pushed me to continuously explore the best ramen places in the Philippines. So I started my research and ravage these three most famous places: Ramen Nagi, Ukkokei, and Mendokoro ramenba.Find out more on what the Yellowtravelingboots has to say about their ramens!


This place tops the Yellowtravelingboots’ list when it comes to taste and satisfaction! They have branches in Robinsons Manila, SM Aura, SM Mall of Asia, SM Manila, and recently at Greenbelt.

You can choose among their four standard flavors: Butao, Red King, Black King, and Green King. Price range would vary from 390-410 PHP. You have always the option to customize your bowl: richness of taste, noodle texture, pork part, additional veggies, etc. For first timers, I would recommend that you go with “chefs recommendation” but for regular customers, you can always go for your own preference.

Original King Butao

This is the safest flavor if you are not adventurous with food.


Oh, look at that pork belly, that shredded mushroom, the rich soup, and the spices – they are mouthwatering! This bowl tastes really awesome!

The Red King

For spicy lovers, you can never go wrong with this bowl! I will never trade this for any ramen by far.

Red King

The spiciness, the broth thickness, and everything else are divine! This bowl is only best for spicy lover like me.



This is second to Yellowtravelingboots’ list. This place is in Salcedo Village. Their ramen is good but the serving is just right compared to Ramen Nagi’s hefty bowl. Here, you don’t have option to customize your flavors, so I found their soup very thick and rich. There is not much flavors inside as well.

For first time customer, please follow these steps:

Pay at the counter —-> Get your number & wait for it to be called —–> sit, give your number to the chef and wait for your bowl

The best time to go to this place is between 8:00-9:00 pm as there aren’t much people during this time. Price range is 390-440 PHP.


I got this for myself since it is spicy. Its soup is milky and you can always dig into the minced meat if you want to be playful with your eating experience!



Shoyu Tonkotsu Ramen

Awesome pork belly, thick soup, and a distinct taste of garlic.




If you want to eat here, you should come really early or very late. This place is in Arnaiz Avenue in Makati City and is open from Mon-Sat at 11:00am – 10:00pm. They have their own version of Tantanmen and other flavors are either Miso based or Shoyu based. I have to give credit to the taste of their ramens as they are really delicious except that their noodle is similar to an instant noodle.


How about you, how do you RAMEN-ish your eating experience?

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