Ms. Travelingboots Corner: My Top Three List to Cultivate this Year

For those who have been following Yellowtravelingboots (hurray), you should know by now that I like coffee a lot (and I mean a LOT), I am a an obsessive fan of anything yellow, and I have a huge liking for desserts. The list could go on and we can spend an entire day with me passionately sharing stories about those likes.



Hang on, did I just say “passion and likes”? Yes, you’ve read it right. Up until this point in my life, I have never made decisions without passionately embracing it. So why am I telling you this?

Well, I feel like it is now high time for me to cultivate additional passions. This time, I intend to invest on value adding ones. 

I have started my top three and I am bravely sharing these to you to remind me always of my commitment.


1. Yes – to Fitness!

For the nth time in my life, I have been intending to be fit. Take note: “intent”. Hence, it has remained passive and a distant dream up until now. The thing is, it is very hard for me to be fit when I am not even passionate about starting a fitness routine. Exercising and dieting feel like a struggle – it is very real and now that I am writing this, I am fidgeting at the thought of how am I gonna do it.

As a start I will hold unto the intention of me just doing the mechanical aspect – loosing weight. It is very basic for now since I am still building the habit. 


How about going back to this weight? Or should it be MORE??

The Challenge: Fulfill this by July 1st.


2. Put that Plan into Action

Planner 2

I just realized that keeping an organizer gives a sense of order to my day. I feel fulfilled every time I tick my “to dos”. And as I have mentioned earlier, I can only do or have something I am passionate or like very much. Hence, I am only using Moleskin daily organizer. I couldn’t be any happier using this for four years straight now.

But wait, do you know that I am an extremely “P” person? If you are familiar with MBTI, this is a personality test that aims to understand different preferences in people. Judging (J) vs. Perceiving (P) are terms used in MBTI to determine our preference in organizing our environment.  J people tend to be very organized, planners, and decisive while like me commonly has a spontaneous, flexible, and open personality.

You should have guessed by now that although I write a lot on my planner, it is very rare for me to tick everything on my list on the specific deadline I set.

So, my commitment is to put those plans into action and to see MORE awesome tangible results. 


3. Read More

Looking back, I regretted sleeping a LOT during weekends and watching more tv series rather than nurturing my mind with great books. When we started the blog and I had to start writing, I was confronted with a great need to expand my vocabulary and my knowledge on different genre. So this year, I am definitely reading at least one book every two weeks.



Yes, we can do this! I wish that the quote below can also influence you to make that decision to start building your own list. 



What passions have you been putting off  that you want to cultivate this year? I would love to hear it and get inspiration from you.

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