My Personal Formula to a Photo Ready Look

I must say that when it comes to my face, it took me quite sometime before I discovered the real secret to a photo ready look everyday, all day. As a woman, I am very comfortable with the plain, clean, and laid back style.

However, I came to realize that how do we take care of our look reflects our own sense of art. It is with this understanding that I came to find my own formula for an instant glow.

Seeing my travel photos, I realized that giving special attention to our lips bring out a sexy and preppy look that always exudes a vibe of a photo ready image.


That is why, I always bring with me my favorite Mac’s Retro Matte (Ruby Woo) lipstick. I  feel so confident, alive, and beautiful in this shade! Trust me when I say that you could never go wrong in this color. You will surely feel empowered and ready for the camera all the time.


I also make sure to put on my Mac’s Lip Prep + Prime before applying my favorite Ruby Woo color to achieve the lipstick’s retro matte.

MAC Lip Pencil

Finally,  my key to a full and elegant lips is the touch of Mac’s Lip Pencil. Just like a pro, a perfect lip contour will absolutely put that magical wow in front of the camera!

I am now a big fan of MAC products and I will surely share more beauty journey with you in the coming days.


Photocredit to for the wonderful shots!

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