Taiwan Itinerary Day 3 (Part 2): Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall, Taipei 101, and Chocoholic


After a refreshing tour in Hualien, our third day was still not over. We arrived in Taipei around six in the evening and we were just about to start the second part of our trip – the Taipei exploration.

If you would remember, I included on the part one entry our trip outline for the entire day three. For your easy reference, just to refresh you with the details, here is the screen cap of our route from Hualien to Taipei:

Hualien to Taipei

Sun Yat Sen

Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall is just a walk away from the Sun Yat Sen Station exit. It is not hard to locate the place since there is a big signage facing the road.

For your Sun Yat Sen FAQs please visit their website here

Sun Yat Sen 3

Operating Hours of Sun Yat Sen: 09:30 AM – 05:30 PM. We no longer purchased tickets to explore the Memorial Hall since we already anticipated that they’ll be closed by the time we arrive in Taipei.

Sun Yat Sen 2

This hall is actually big with a wide front yard where you can spend time to leisurely watch people, the hall, and Taipei 101.


Definitely a fusion of Chinese Memorial (remembering the old) and a Modern Architecture

Taipei 101

Intuitively, the moment we saw Taipei 101 from Sun Yat Sen, we already knew that we can reach there just by walking. So we decided to take on a leisurely walk in a breezy Taipei night to see the majestic building closely and to reach to the train station.

Taipei 101

Taipei 101 is known to be the tallest green building in the world as referenced onguidetotaipei.com.

This ultra modern building houses various stores and restaurants and offer a strategic location for multi-national offices. If you are interested to see the panoramic view of the city from the top, you can purchase a ticket inside the mall at 500 NT and you’ll get the chance to have the access to their Observation Deck and Museum. 

Just near this very tall skyscraper is the Taipei 101 Station. Below is the map from google outlining the travel flow from Taipei 101 to our next destination – the Chocoholic in Dongmen Station.




Between me and my bestfriend, I am really the one who has a sweet tooth. Hence, it was really me who convinced her that we visit this place; not only because they offer desserts but also because they are known to serve the darkest and addictive chocolate treats in town.

When you alight from Dongmen Station, just walk straight and turn right on the first street. Walk around two to three blocks more and on your left, you will find Chocoholic.

Outside Chocoholic


This is the entrance of the store, not really a fancy facade but with a very cozy ambiance inside.

Chocoholic 2

Look at these delightful deep dark, rich, and powder sprinkled ganache! I was honestly captivated by its taste – it was truly like a “death by chocolate” experience for me. So good!

Chocoholic 3

This chocolate lasagna may not be a conventional one, but trust me chocolate lovers, it is worth a try!


Oh heaven watch us! We were drowning in the luxurious taste of chocolates in our mouth!

Me and chocoholic

Really glad to have a pitcher of a very nice, soothing tea to pair with our sweet treats.


Before we attacked our treats, we of course had to take a souvenir picture in this place.

Chocoholic Menu:

Menu 3Menu 2

Menu 5

Menu 4

Overall, our day three was an exciting mixture of a countryside and city exploration for us.


Day 3 itinerary


Day 3 expenses.jpg

Stay connected for another exciting day four adventure…







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