Yellowtravelingboots is introducing another bucket list idea to try in 2018: the Lapland winter fatbike adventure!

As a I travel, I realized that I enjoy trips that fulfill my silent dreams: most of it are written on my bucket list. Just recently, I crossed seeing the Northern Lights on my list and it was a mesmerizing moment: me watching natural fireworks in the sky while sipping a hot drink over bonfire. Magical isn’t it?

I wrote a detailed blog about my experience and how you will see the Northern lights in just one step. Read here to know more.

Another activity that was not on my bucket list but I got the chance to really enjoy was trying a fatbike on a snowy Lapland. This was me on the picture trying to capture the beauty of Finnish nature.

Bucket list idea: Lapland fat bike adventure
This was a quick stop: a moment in which I had to pause and bask in the beauty of Finnish nature. It was my own fairy tale!

So, how did I get to try this activity? It was actually Juno of Beyond Arctic who suggested that I try this fatbike and recommended Roll Outdoors to me. Roll Outdoors is a relatively new company that offers this unique activity in Rovaniemi. You can visit their site to learn more about their services. 

Since I was looking for an additional activity to do in Rovaniemi, I decided to try Juno’s suggestion. I walked into the office of Roll Outdoors (they occupy the same office as Beyond Arctic) and asked details about the tour. I got the easiest option: the fatbike riverside and city tour. This is their easiest trip which only requires one to know how to bike at the very basic level.




I must admit, the last time I rode a bike was decade ago. That is why, I had so many questions prior to the tour: is it safe, can I do it even if I haven’t rode a bike for a long time already, how can I take photos, what are the safety measures… and a lot more questions followed. I am impressed that Roll Outdoors was able to answer all my questions with patience. Hence, I decided to avail one of their tours.

As soon as I paid the tour, they got me an e-fatbike (because I imagine it would take a lot of my energy to pedal on a snowy road if I will just use a regular fatbike), gave me my helmet, provided me with a relatively thicker beanie, and gloves. Then, my guide oriented me on the hand signals and what to do before we started hitting the road off with our bikes.

We biked from the city of Rovaniemi first then headed to an easy forest trail and had a quick stop on a beautiful riverside.

Bucket list idea: Lapland fatbike adventure
Roll Outdoors does not only provide a unique tour experience but also a higher bar for customer service. It was my guide who took all my photos here. 

I honestly lost count of the times I was captivated by the beauty of nature. I had plenty of breathtaking moments during the tour.

The tour also awakened my childlike wonder, my connection with nature, the trust in myself, and the search for my own ikigai (reason for being).

I couldn’t help but constantly remind myself that I was not dreaming: the city, the lakes, the forests, they were all sensationally real!

We cycled near Arktikum and made a quick stop so that I can capture photos on my phone.

Going back to the city, we passed by the Lumberjack bridge and it was my tour guide who again captured these photos.

While on the bike, the feeling was pure bliss. The cold air touching my skin, the great scenery around me, the thrill of biking different trails, the stories of my tour guide – all of it were new and unique to me.

But just like any other great things and moments, my fatbike adventure was already about to end. However, the end of my tour was equally wonderful as the beginning: I was graced with an incredible view of the sunset on our way back to the city.

I had to request for a quick stop to take-in this moment and watched the sun set before my eyes.

Finland, you are one of a kind! I surely gained a lot of my own fairy tales here which I would so graciously share to the world. Till then…



The fatbike river side and city tour is the easiest one and require basic bike experience.

Difficulty level

It was very easy from my own experience because an e-fatbike has options that will help you not to pedal hard on slopes or rough roads.

Things to bring and consider

Wear thick outdoor clothing. The wind will be very chilly on the bike so you need to wear warm clothing and specifically protect your neck, ears, and hands. But wear something that would allow you to be comfortable on the bike. In my case, I wore three layers of clothing and a bubble jacket. That was enough but I should have worn thicker scarf and warmer gloves because there was a point during the tour when I had to stop to check if my face was still alright: it was so numb from the cold.

I also planned to bring my camera but Roll Outdoors offered that they can take photos of my tour using their camera so, I decided to leave mine in their office. That was a good decision on my part since it’s more comfortable to navigate without it.

Price, time, and duration

Fatbike: 60 EUR inclusive of VAT

e-Fatbike: 75 EUR inclusive of VAT

Time: 1:00 PM

Duration: 1 hour


For inquiries email: info@rolloutdoors.com or go to their website

Before I end, I would like to thank Roll Outdoors for this experience and for taking all my photos during the tour.



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