Planning for a family trip? Book a ticket to Ireland and discover the Emerald Isle!

Yellowtravelingboots’ mission is all about cultivating and enriching relationships through food and travels and one of the cornerstones to this mission is the family. Having a family of our own, we aim to constantly seek opportunities to nurture this gift, so we are always on the look for activities that will give us a chance to do this.

Our own bucket list includes a fun family days out and we could not be thankful enough to Michelle Mangan who produced an info-graphic related to this.

For us, there is no other time to create “experience piggy-banking” with our loved ones but – NOW. The experiences we invest today will surely reap us a bountiful harvest in the future. Do you want to know what our practical take on this is? We are definitely convinced to try Michelle’s recommendation!

Michelle is highly recommending that we visit Ireland, specifically the Emerald Isle. We need not look any further because Killarney in Co. Kerry, which is located in the south west of the island is a town that has a breathtaking and extremely pretty 26,000 acres parkland which is a home to mountains, lakes, waterfall, wildlife and so much more!

It is the perfect place to take a family break and there is a huge amount to do there. Activities for the whole family include visits to a pet farm, a wildlife park, horse-riding, taking a lake cruise and so much more, you will be spoiled for choice.

Here is the info-graphic that Michelle created for Dunloe



What are you waiting for? Discover the beauty of Ireland and start an amazing chapter to your family’s story!

Content Disclaimer: The content and graphics expressed on this media are purely and all coming from the author and not from Due to the social nature of this info-graphic, the media may contain content copyrighted by an entity or individual. Yellowtravelingboots claims no copyright to the content and will not be held accountable for any copyrighted content. The purpose of this post is to share this wonderful information and not for any other purpose whatsoever.

About the Author of the Info-graphic:

Michelle Mangan works on the digital marketing for The Dunloe Hotel in Co. Kerry, Ireland. She decided to produce featured info-graphic (Fun Family Days Out! Want to Know What to do in Killarney, Ireland?) with an accompanying guide which we can read here.

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