Do you want to witness the sensational northern lights over a bonfire while sipping a warm drink? What if I tell you that you can make it happen in just one simple step?


Yes, only one simple step. Get a professional guide and don’t leave it to chance. Beyond Arctic Ltd. is a true and tested professional guide in northern lights hunting and photography who made my dream of seeing the aurora borealis possible. 


You should remember that the appearance of northern light is dependent on two factors: weather and location. Also, trying your luck in the city would nowhere bring you closer to the northern lights. Now, if you are someone who has a limited time and knowledge about Rovaniemi (or the arctic in general) especially under the freezing cold, seeking help from professional would guarantee the highest chance of seeing the elusive aurora borealis.

I can tell you that there are three main reasons why Beyond Arctic is distinctive in the Northern Lights Expedition and why you should book this tour with them:

  1. They always go on the extra mile. They rely on the real-time signal of aurora feeding into their van. So, even if the signal is 100 KM away from the city, they will drive you there just to make your northern lights dream come true. This sets them apart from other “tour groups” because they are true chasers of the northern lights and don’t just stay in one location waiting for it to be visible in the sky.
  2. They will help capture your best moment with the northern lights. You can have your spell-binding photos under the magical northern lights with the help of Beyond Arctic. You should know by now as you see the amazing photos here. Another important thing worth mentioning is that, the northern lights tour with Beyond Arctic is only composed of 7-8 people per group. This is aligned to their values to put the interest of their guests first: helping them with the settings of their camera, capturing their moments, and attending to their needs.
  3. Professional knowledge in aurora hunting. For the record, they have 50 locations where they can choose the two to three best locations each night to hunt for the northern lights. On top of this, they use detailed background research on the weather and use the latest technology to receive aurora signalHence, they combine science and technology to make the hunt for northern lights possible.


It was the night of November 14th when one of my greatest dreams came true – to witness the dancing northern lights. It was Beyond Arctic who made it possible for me and this was how my story with them started.

The amazing visuals below were all captured by Beyond Arctic.

Northern Lights with Beyond Arctic
The sky was illuminated by the outbursts of Northern Lights. It was a magical fireworks of nature!

There were seven of us in the Northern Lights Photography expedition with Juho leading the team. He is also one of the founders of Beyond Arctic so you could just imagine the level of service that we got. It was snowing in Rovaniemi that night but Juho was confident that there was a very active aurora activity on that day. Having heard that from him was assuring especially since there were four of us Asians in the group who came a long way just to witness it.

We left past the hour of 08:00 PM and our first location was a 15-minute ride away from Rovaniemi. While waiting for the aurora to appear, Juho helped us individually in adjusting the settings of our cameras to best capture the northern lights. After a while, we decided to move to the second location since it was a little bit cloudy on the first stop.

Beyond Arctic Northern Lights Hunt
This was me smiling from ear to ear after seeing the dancing Northern Lights. With the rapid change in our climate, who knows until when aurora can be visible. Don’t wait for too long and book a ticket to Lapland Finland now!

As we were approaching the second location, we already saw thread of lights floating in the sky. It has only started: the color isn’t that vibrant yet as you can see on the above photo but it was already dancing like curtains in the sky.

As the night deepens, waves of lights started to send fiery green color and that was the time when we were all so busy with our cameras.

Beyond Arctic Van

The spectacular show in the sky was blazing with vibrance. The elusive norther light was offering us a warm welcome in all its grandeur.

See Northern Lights with Beyond Arctic
This is what Beyond Arctic offers – a real northern light experience in the middle of a scenic landscape.
See the Northern Lights with Beyond Arctic
Just like a film in the sky, the curtain has now opened for an exceptional show.


Bonfire on a frozen lake 

Our magical night hasn’t ended yet. Juho, made a bonfire in the log cabin and while we anticipated for a more colorful sky display of northern lights, we took a quick refuge inside the cabin to warm ourselves. Before the expedition, Juho handed us backpacks which contain the equipment for the trip and our food. It was not long before we started grilling our sausages and in all fairness, Juho was really prepared: he got us mustard and ketchup to pair with our sausages.

bonfire while watching northern lights
This is the traditional Finnish way of grilling: on an open fire. The smell of the wood brought back childhood memories in the province

Can you imagine bringing your family here, gathering around this bonfire and singing some songs or listening to local stories? It will be an absolutely incredible memory for your loved ones!

fancy bonfire while watching the northern lights
Our team busy grilling sausages while the northern lights were dancing outside the log cabin

I was on cloud nine that night. I just lived two of my magical dreams: a bonfire inside a cabin in winter wonderland and a spectacular display of the northern fireworks outside.


Now, it is time for me to give credit to Beyond Arctic and Juho who made this once-in-a-lifetime dream possible for me. Book your favorite tour with them and you will never regret it. Never.


What is Beyond Arctic Ltd.?

Beyond Arctic Ltd. is a company which brings photography and expedition into the core of their business. They are always on the look for scenic, vibrant, and amazing spots in the arctic where you can have a memorable encounter with nature.

The company is currently run by two passionate partners: Juho and Juho: yes, they have the same names! They started this business with the core principles of:

  1. Striving for the best. Do you know that they are rated with a whooping 96% review on TripAdvisor? Amazing right?! This is a real testimony of how dedicated their team is in making the once-in-a-lifetime dream of their clients happen.
  2. Being exclusive. To adhere to their goals of giving the best to their clients, they keep their tours small with only 8 people (max) in a group. Further, there is no the same location for them. They always choose the best one depending on the aurora activity and gives to their client the thrill of real aurora hunting.
  3. Putting high value on respect. When you choose Beyond Arctic, you are now an important part of their team. Therefore, they make you their priority instead of you following a tight and rigid itinerary.
Meet Juho and Juho – the owners of Beyond Arctic. This is an assurance for me that there are real owners behind this company.

Why choose them and book tours with them?

Choose them for three reasons that truly count:

1. Beyond Arctic is an established, legit company operating in the heart of Ravaniemi in Finland. One thing you should know is that they are not just some random tour company online. In fact, I had a chance to get inside their office and just like how they treat their customers online, their office is also a reflection of their thoughtful and skillful business operations.

This is the reception of their office. There are shelves where you can see photos, pamphlets, and displays related to their services. There is also a couch where you can sit while you wait for your turn. Neat and tidy: these were my first impression of their office.

2. They only provide the best to their clients. Their best is not only executed through their services but also by the equipment they provide to their clients. Next to the reception is the changing room where you can put on these warm overalls and put on the provided winter boots. Don’t worry, all of it come in varying sizes.

These warm overalls are included in the tour. It will protect you from the intense cold in the middle of the winter while chasing for the northern lights
Winter boots of different sizes are neatly stacked on the drawer. This is also included on the tour.

You will also be provided with backpacks which contain: sitpad, thermoflask with warm juice, sausage stick, head torch, gloves, and winter caps.

Tripod is available upon request so please ensure that you communicate this with them when you reserve.

3. Filming, Photography, and Other Services. Are you planning for a great proposal under the northern lights? How about a prenup in the wilderness, a family photo on a frozen lake, or a filming and scenic location? No worries, Beyond Arctic has variety of services which they can offer for you. Remember, they do not only specialize in expedition but with photography as well.

All you need to do is CONTACT them via email at: or call them at +358 50 323 1090


What are their expeditions and tours?

Depending on the month of your visit, Beyond Arctic can offer you any of their: summer, autumn, and winter tours. I would advice though to make your booking in advance especially in winter because demand for these activities are really high. 


Winter Tours. They have varied tours which you can choose from. You could just imagine how awesome these activities are especially when you do it with friends or family. Don’t also forget that at the heart of Beyond Arctic’s operation is their emphasis on photography.

  • Discover the Northern Lights Photography Tour. Read this for details and book here
  • Discover the Northern Lights Private Photography Tour. Read this for details and book here
  • Ice Fishing on a Frozen Lake (this is memorable for sure). Read this for details and book here
  • Explore the Wilderness Photography Expedition. Read this for details and book here
  • Riisitunturi Photography Expedition. Read this for details and book here
  • Backcountry Skiing Adventure (this is new!). Read this for details and book here
  • Wilderness Snowshoe Adventure (this is new!). Read this for details and book here


Summer Tours. Do you know that in Summer, there are months in Finland when the sun does not set at all? This is the best time to do some outdoor activities with your family like: hiking, camping, swimming, cycling, and party included!

  • Midnight Sun Photography Tour. Read this for details and book here
  • Explore the Wilderness Photography Expedition. Read this for details and book here
  • Arctic River Fishing. Read this for details and book here


Autumn Tours. Do you want to capture your best photo on a scenic forest during the golden autumn? You can definitely do that by choosing all or any of the expeditions below.

  • Discover the Northern Lights Photography Tour. Read this for details and book here
  • Explore the Wilderness Photography Expedition. Read this for details and book here
  • Sense the Autumn Colors Photography Expedition. Read this for details and book here


How to contact Beyond Arctic Ltd. ?

Click this link if you have questions for them.

Alternatively, you can send them an email or call them here:

Phone: +358 50 323 1090

Valtakatu 21
VAT: FI27632702


Our wish is for you to realize your dream of seeing the Northern Lights too. Contact Beyond Arctic now and book your desired tour with them. 

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