Cafe Seol Hwa: Seol Hwa’t fun it is to eat on a one course openly!

Cafe Seol Hwa is an open cafe conveniently located at the ground floor of the Century Mall. By far, they undoubtedly serve one of the best bingsu’s we have tasted in the Philippines!

Bingsu is a famous snack that is most popular in Korea. It is composed of shaved ice topped with various fruits and nuts, cheese or bread and a good amount of condensed milk to refresh you during summer.

Cafe Seol Hwa_Mango Cheese Bingsu.jpg

Cafe Seol Hwa’s Mango Cheese Bingsu (240 PHP) is definitely our choice of an impecabble bingsu! The ice are finely shaved with an absolute consistency that you could hardly feel the crystals in your mouth. On top are renditions of super sweet Philippine Mangoes and cheese cubes, nuts, and a scoop of ice cream.


“What is more intriguing is the peculiar mild and gentle taste amidst the medley of sweet flavors!”


Of course, our bingsu won’t be complete without a bread to pair with it. Here is another amazing toast in the cafe that will surely fill you up!

Cafe Seol Hwa_Honey Butter Toast.jpg

Honey Butter Toasts (220 PHP). Look at that toasts coated in a caramelized butter and honey with dusts of confectioner’s sugar – it simply gives you a zest of creamy, sweet, crunchy and chewy punch! Yes, it is also chewy because in the middle is a wonderful filling of glutinous rice!


“Indeed, when the toasts are golden brown and each bite gives you a sugary sprinkle on your tongue, they will surely rule the eating game!”


Cafe Seol Hwa Makati

Lower Ground, Century City Mall, Kalayaan Street, Barangay Poblacion, Makati City

Tel Nos.: 8012910




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