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Amidst the thriving food industry in the country, Locavore positively claimed its dominance as one of the best food destinations in the Philippines. Without even trying their dish, you can instinctively tell that they are one of a kind because of the long queue of people waiting outside.

Our verdict: this is the place where it is a sin not to eat rice, not to devour, and not to lose count of your carbs and cholesterol intake! And oh… prepare your belly; their food are simply addictive!

The Food

The serving is generous. Three people can share one dish sufficiently

The taste is euphoricIt is like a heaven on plate!

The presentationThey are absolutely creative! Kilawin served on mason jars and rice on a clay pot – isn’t it cool?


Sizzling Beef Sinigang

Sizzling Beef Sinigang (530 PHP). Who would ever thought that a sinigang can be re-invented this way? Only Locavore!

This dish is of course our number one choice here! The beans are crunchy, the toasted garlic and the beef sauce give off that tangy taste that is unforgettable, and the beef is cooked perfectly!

Sizzling Lechon and Oyster

Sizzling Lechon and Oyster Sisig (360 PHP). Look at that creamy sauce still sizzling around a mound of crispy lechon and oyster; every bite is fascinating, the flavor is rich, and more rice would be your only wish!

Gising Gising

Gising Gising (260 PHP). These green veggies cooked in coconut milk balanced off our meaty dinner. We loved how the greens are not overcooked and the taste of the coconut to be light yet tasty.

Roasted Garlic Brown Rice

Roasted Garlic Brown Rice (80 PHP). This goes perfectly well with your main course. Just be sure to order for…more!

Kinilaw Platter

Look at their Kinilaw Platter (350 PHP), it is of course a great way to get your taste buds started. Our choices include: fresh river shrimp, tuna, and tanigue. It was like summer near the beach feeling! If we have to choose again, more river shrimp kilawin would be our option. It was so fresh and gratifying!


Turon con Leche (200 PHP). Does it look simple and plain? Well, it is really true that you can never judge a food by its look. This turon is another re-invented dessert in this place. Inside is a leche flan filling that would simply blow your taste buds away! A nice condensed milk syrup finishes off the taste with a: “my oh my, how could this taste so good?” feeling.

Bicho Bicho

Bicho Bicho (145 PHP). Nothing really extra ordinary though…

The Place


It has an industrial design with big open space outside. They also have an air conditioned area but of course you either have to be there early or reserve in advance to secure a comfortable seats inside.

Price Range

Their food ranges from 180 PHP to 770 PHP. Two to three people can share in one order so you might want to take this into consideration.


Locavore is in Brixton Street, Kapitolyo Pasig. Use Ace Water Spa (Pasig Branch) as your landmark to find the place.

Do not forget

Call and reserve in advance to secure seats. Lunch reservation is between 11:30-2:00 PM while dinner reservation is only during these hours: 5:00 PM, 7:00 PM, and 10:00 PM. You may contact this number for your reservation: 0917-6218909 or go to their website.


Photos courtesy of my supportive friend, Xela!











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