Gingerbread Museum in Torun is a cool attraction not only for children but for everyone. Can you still recall the time when you created a memorable moment for your family or loved ones? Did it leave a positive impression in their lives? Was it expensive and grand or simple but creative?

For 15 zloty, you can create a memory with someone in a totally unique and exciting way! You don’t even have to splurge to create moments with special people in your life. All you need is an access to Muzeum Piernika.

As a visitor, you will be taken to the Medieval time where you will interact with the “witch”, the “master baker”, and the craftsmen while also using your senses to feel, smell, and see the amazing formula in making a divinely good gingerbread!

Are you ready to plunge into the Gingerbread world? Let’s go!

The Ritual

Once upon a time, during the Medieval period, there used to be a gingerbread kingdom under the watchful eyes of the gingerbread master and the charming gingerbread witch. They were so good at their craft that they wanted women and men, children and adults alike to experience the bliss of baking gingerbread.

Muzeum Piernika_Gingerbread Museum
The charming witch and the master baker in action
Gingerbread Museum Torun
They introduced the secret ingredients but it has to come with an oath…
Gingerbread Museum Torun
What is it? What is it that preserved the gingerbread?

The witch started to ask everyone present on the assembly to smell, taste, and feel the ingredients before she poured and mix them together in the jar. The pound of the mortar and the sifting sound of the flour were like instruments playing before the skillful command of its masters. 

The dough is now ready, it is about time to see the students applying what they’ve learned.

Everyone went to the baking table and just like Santa’s elves, they had plenty of work and fun to do ahead of them.

Journey to the baking world

The witch and the master baker thought that it was already time to choose the next gingerbread baker in the kingdom. They summoned everyone to the baking table…

The baking table was glittering with the color of flour and everyone was bewitched to make their own gingerbread

Everyone started picking-up the chocolate colored dough and into their hands mold it like a ball. You can view the process on yellowtravelingboots’ instagram account.

Using the rolling pins, students of the witch and master baker flattened the dough that looked like a ball and shaped it like a flat oval. Brushes and oil, mold and carving followed soon after.

As the witch and master baker watched, they sighed and said: “indeed, they are our best students”.


Look at the patterns on the gingerbread – the dough was magically transformed indeed!

Could she be the lucky successor to the witch? We will find out.

Gingerbread were baked on the earthen oven. But the students still have something to do: to explore the museum and uncover its hidden gems.

The world within the museum

The students thought it was all that they will experience but they were wrong. As they explored the place, they found items that the master baker and his team collected as they continue to strive to perfect their craft.

“Flour!”: exclaimed one student


Their eyes turned wide as they saw the various collections in the gingerbread kingdom


They walked and searched everywhere in the kingdom. Little did they know that the gingerbread gems were already within their reach.

Gingerbread gems!

It was said that different gingerbread designs were found by the students and whoever wanted it can buy it. Then, it would satiate the hunger one is feeling in the gingerbread kingdom.

The master baker returned with the baked gingerbread pieces and decided to declare everyone the legitimate bakers of the kingdom.

the END.




Name of Museum: Muzeum Piernika

Address: Rabiańska 9, 87-100 Toruń

Entrance/Ticket Price: 15 zloty (adults). Book it online for convenience. The link is here

Operating Hours: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM daily. Last show is at 5PM and it runs for 1 hour and 20 minutes. There are English and German

Museum’s website:

Fun stuff: The museum will give children certificates with their names on it so, you could hang it in your house


What are the travel activities that you encountered along the way that are worth trying? Share it on the comments below. 

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